my father, whom this book is about, and me (right)

Cheri Woods

Author of

(Aignos 2020)

Amazon genre-bestselling author Cheri Woods has been a resident of Hawaii for over forty years enjoying the richness of teaching and learning along with her students. Her career included training teachers in a literacy program for Hawaiian students, as well as years of her own classroom teaching. She loved weaving reading and writers workshops into the curriculum. Cheri also taught students in Portugal and Canada. Upon retirement, she enjoyed teaching literacy in the Women's Correctional Center and writing a children’s book. Now Cheri writes prose, poetry and articles for her retirement center’s newsletter. At the age of twenty-seven, Cheri lost her mother to cancer. Having lost the love of his life, Cheri's father never remarried. She and her dad became best friends, and it has been her greatest joy to compile this book of his love letters. Although her name is on the cover, she considers him the true author.

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