Directly with Savant/Aignos Authors, Poets, Musicians, Video Producers and Staff

Aignos Publishing, along with its parent, Savant Books and Publications, provides a monthly, online, realtime, public text chat. Authors, poets, musicians, video producers, their guests, as well as writers and public are invited and always welcome! Whether you post a question or comment, or lurk (we hope you'll post), there's always something interesting on our public chat!

Our chats are always the third Saturday of the month. Out next scheduled chat is:

Saturday 21 September 2019

from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Hawaii Standard Time

To join our next chat during the date/time period indicated above, click on "Forum" below:

Message Board


1. This chat room is OPEN TO SAVANT/AIGNOS AUTHORS, POETS, MUSICIANS, VIDEO PRODUCERS, EDITORS, STAFF, THEIR GUESTS, AND INTERESTED PUBLIC during the above specified monthly date/time period. All postings outside the specified date/time period will be removed by the moderator. 

2. The purpose of this chat is to PROVIDE A "LIVE" TEXT CHAT EXPERIENCE OPPORTUNITY for
Savant authors, poets, musicians, video producers, editors, staff, their guests, and the interested public TO DISCUSS CURRENT AND UPCOMING SAVANT BOOKS AND PUBLICATIONS;

3. SIGN UP AT LEAST A DAY PRIOR TO THE CHAT (click on the "Forum" button below to "register"). After registration, CHECK YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT USED WHEN REGISTERING for an email from the chat (Forum) host and follow directions to CONFIRM YOUR IDENTITY. Chatters who don't confirm their identity will be restricted to reading ("lurking") and won't be able to post. If you want to participate, we strongly urge you to confirm your identity and post.


5. Remember to refresh your browser every time you post and after every couple minutes to see the latest posts. 

6. Always EXERCISE COURTESY AND POLITENESS (impoliteness will get you banned);

7. HAVE FUN chatting with the newest and best
Savant/Aignos authors, poets, musicians, video producers, editors, staff, their guests, and the interested public!

Daniel S. Janik
Owner and Publisher
Savant Books and Publications
Aignos Publishing
© Savant Books and Publications LLC

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