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29 August 2019 - Aignos author and conservationist Jim Currie interviewed regarding his latest book, SADDAM'S PARROT (Aignos 2017) on Conscious Talk Radio Podcast. 

4 June 2019 - Savant author Helen R. Davis interviewed regarding her Cleopatra Reimagined alt-history book series including CLEOPATRA UNCONQUERED (Savant 2015) and CLEOPATRA VICTORIOUS (Savant 2019) by Tea at Trianon 

1 June 2019 - Savant/Aignos Publisher Interviewed by Independent Book Publisher's Association

Honolulu, HI (1 June 2019) - IBPA Independent 37 (3): 9-13. May/June 2019 - Daniel S. Janik, publisher of Savant Books and publications, an article in the above journal entitled, "Grow Your Company Through Acquisitions," stated that while acquisition of Aignos Publishing has increased offerings and overall books sales. In the article he states, "The cost of acquisition...[proved] small compared to the cost of integration." 

Aignos Publishing became fully integrated into Savant Books and Publications in January 2019, where it is maintained as an imprint dedicated to "avant garde, experimental and innovative works that 'push the leading edge' of all genres of fiction and non-fiction." Special Aignos interest ares include "screenplay novels" (of which there are now three), multi-lingual, manga and other non-traditional works. 

Savant/Aignos is currently negotiating a working agreement with K. Simmons Productions, a  Hawaii-based multi-media group, to extend print, eBook and audiobook publication to include comic books ("manga"); animation for internet, television and movies; and full cinematic productions. 

For more information about Savant Books and Publications and it's imprint, Aignos Publishing, visit Savant/Aignos is a long-time member and supporter of IBPA. 

19 December 2017 - Lynne McKelvey's A REAL DAUGHTER receives outstanding Kirkus Review!
24 September 2017 - THE GUMSHOE and THE LAZARUS CONSPIRACIES - Richard Rose Interview in the Huffington Post

23 September 2017 - Jim Currie's Squawking Satire, SADDAM'S PARROT Draws Widespread Praise.
5 September 2017 - Savant Author Helen R. Davis' interviewed about her award-winning CLEOPATRA UNCONQUERED (Savant 2015) on Regional Television. 
3 August 2017 - Aignos Author Natalie Roers' Interviewed about BENEATH THEM (Aignos 2017) on National Television
2 December 2016 - Aignos Publishing To Become an Imprint of Savant Books and Publications
29 November 2016 - Savant Announces Intent to Purchase Aignos Publishing Inc as an imprint. 
9 October 2016 - Savant Author Helen R. Davis Interviewed on Regional Television About Her Newly Released Historical Novel of Ancient Egypt, CLEOPATRA UNCONQUERED (Savant 2016)
6 October 2016 - Savant Books and Publications Announces its Pre-Holiday Book/Ebook Sale
14 July 2016 - Pat Bertrand Interview with Daniel S. Janik on Savant Books and Publications
13 July 2016 - Hawaii Public Radio Interview with Savant Books and Publications Owner, Daniel S. Janik (reposted below from YouTube)
25 March 2015 - Savant Author Hans Brinkmann Talks about His Award-Winning Novel IN THE EYES OF THE SON (Savant 2014)
27 July 2015 - Multi-Award-Wining Savant Author A. G. Hayes on His Award-Winning Fourth Koski and Falk Adventure, THE CHEMICAL FACTOR (Savant 2016)
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