Ed by Clif Mc Crady
203 pp. 6" x 9" Softcover Trade Book
ISBN/EAN 978-0-9994633-6-9
Aignos Publishing

A young teenage boy discovers the truth about WWII, his grandfather’s part in that war, and learns about tolerance, the importance of each individual and both the strength and frailty of humans. Another in Savant/Aignos new "screenplay-novel" series ready to read and enjoy, or use as a script for a play or screenplay.

by Jamie Dela Cruz Ed.D.
197 pp. 6" x 9" Softcover Trade Book
ISBN 978-0-9994633-2-1
 Savant Books and Publications

Phenomenology is about recording and sharing authentic personal experiences in order to preserve truthful knowledge of past and present. In Hawaii's culture, it's called "talking story." The challenge with "talking story" is to uncover from within the significant and meaningful. 
CRITICAL WRITING: STORIES AS PHENOMENA is a practical guide to recording and sharing human experience, as well as conducting and evaluating phenomenological research. It incorporates practical suggestions and tools of interest to authors and phenomenologists, as well as writers, journalists and pre- and post-dissertation students interested in separating the truth from "fake news." The chapters provide a snapshot of lessons learned by the author, followed by practical advice in recording and evaluating experiences as well as applying them in a variety of situations. Chapters end with practical suggestions to more effectively glean the significant and meaningful, followed by ways to avoid potential hazards in applying the phenomenological method.

Keywords: talking story, truth, meaning, phenomenology, research, advising, college, learning, studying, communication, doctoral dissertation, culture, tradition, phenomena, experience, writing, documenting, place-based education, culture-based education

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