by William Maltese
350 pp - 5.25" x 8" Softcover Pocket Book
ISBN/EAN 978-0-9996938-7-2
Suggested Retail Price (SRP) $16.95

Taking off where WILLIAM MALTESE'S FLICKER - #1 BOOK OF ANSWERS ends, #2 BOOK OF ASCENDANCY continues the saga of a group of magically-infused teenagers, locked into a central Washington State location, forgotten by the outside world, as they battle each other for all magic and the title of Grand Master Magician.

by Derek Bickerton
313 pp - 6" x 9" Softcover Trade Book 
ISBN 978-0-9996938-0-3

In this third and final part of The Commandment Trilogy, two "casualties of life," Zachary, the failed hermit, and Leila, the ostracized nun, travel from the the Nile valley on a final life journey, this time  together. Set in exotic but little-known fourth-century A.D. Egypt, their journey sheds a unique light on the early development of Christianity -- both its good and its bad sides. 

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