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Savant/Aignos cover artist and author Carlos Alemán is a Cuban-American born in New York City. 

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An award-winning Savant/Aignos author and editor, Jim Currie is a Seattle columnist and ecologist whose credits include works of fiction, non-fiction, and over twenty publications on natural resource management and biology.  He holds an honor's degree from Harvard and a masters from Berkeley. His writing and teaching reflect an interdisciplinary perspective and wide-ranging curiosity in the arts, science, humanities and philosophy. His main reading interests include quality literary fiction (very selective), satire, suspense and spy novels, political and social history, art history, biography, travel, science, and spiritual psychology. 


Michael H. Davis, an accomplished writer, author, editor and proofreader, is Director of Publicity and Marketing for Savant/Aignos as well as the owner of Michael Harold Davis Consulting LLC. 

An award-winning Savant/Aignos author and poet, Helen R. Davis also serves as an editor and proofreader. She was guest editor of Savant's 2015/16 poetry anthology. Her favored literary focus is women in history and politics, especially those whose only true crime is ambition and being on the wrong side of history or the media. She is interested in historical fiction of all kinds, and favors the ancient and medieval world, science fiction, and fantasy, and is especially interested in works by younger "millennial" authors. She currently makes her home in the mountains of Casper, Wyoming.

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Savant/Aignos editor Sabrina Favors holds a Bachelor's degree in English and Psychology and a Master's degree in English from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She has an eclectic taste in nonfiction, but with a preference for history, art, psychology, and folklore. She is also interested in fantasy of any sub-genre -- from epic fantasy to urban, young adult and middle grade. Anything with a new twist or an unexpected take on an old tale.

My blog: http://redinkedleaf.blogspot.

After a fulfilling 20 year career in the publishing industry with HarperCollins Publishers and Simon & Schuster, Roscel Garcia joins Savant/Aignos as a proofreader & Director of Distribution. A graduate of Rutgers University with a BA in Psychology with a minor in English, Roscel is an avid reader and enjoys mystery thrillers & romance. Roscel also enjoys partner dancing and teaches West Coast Swing & Hustle dancing.


Eleonor Gardner is a Savant/Aignos editor and proofreader who originally hails from San Diego, California. After many years traveling, she has now made Wahiawa, HI her home. She is also a writer, photographer, artist, culinary enthusiast, entrepreneur, and Army veteran. Eleonor holds a bachelors degree in English with a minor in business administration from Christopher Newport University where she graduated with honors. She enjoys memoirs, action and adventure, art and culture, thrillers, and horror books.

To learn more about her or to see what she's currently up to, check out her website at:


David Hardin, Proofreader, came to Savant/Aignos as an experienced freelance fiction copyeditor. A retired educator and lifelong Michigander, he has done content editing, authored a memoir and several books of poetry, and is a studio artist. Most importantly, he is Henry’s grandfather. 

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Savant/Aignos Proofreader Lisa Hodorovych is a Jersey girl, born and raised with aspirations of living in warmer weather all year round. She has always loved and has always had a passion for writing. Even in her fifth grade yearbook, under her photo, she put "Author" as her "Future Goal." While studying in college, she worked for and interned for her school's literary journal, The Literary Review, where she found her love and passion for editing and proofreading. Several years after college, she realized she wanted to do editing, proofreading, and writing more as a full-time job than anything else. Now, here she is!

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Daniel S. Janik, Savant/Aignos owner/publisher, editor and cover artist, is a multi-award-winning author and poet who founded Savant Books and Publications to help introduce the best new and established authors to the reading public. An educator and former physician, as an author, he favors both fiction (children's books, poetry, romance, military/political thrillers and science fiction) and non-fiction (autobiographies, biographies, educational learning theory, student study guides, earth and space sciences and military).

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Award-winning Savant/Aignos author and poet Kaethe Kauffman edits and brings to life enduring transformative literary works with a twist. She specializes in historical fiction and narrative non-fiction, humor, memoir and women's fiction and non-fiction.

Kaethe has a BA in Asian Studies from University of Washington, Seattle and a BA in Fine Art from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She has since received an Masters in Fine Arts degree from University of California, Irvine and a PhD in Art History from Union Graduate School, Cincinnati, Ohio with honors.

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Savant/Aignos cover artist Dennis Krull is the owner, illustrator and designer/photographer at 5foot20 Design Lounge. After getting his BFA in Graphic Design from Minnesota State University Moorhead ('93), Dennis has had fun working ever since! He has created art for everything from magazine, newspapers, and postcard packages, helicopters and the web. He is an award-winning designer and photographer who recently jumped into the fine art world.

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Proofreader Dennis Laughlin joined Savant/Aignos in 2018. A former health and safety inspector and  retired career Naval chief, he especially loves science and westerns. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education from University of Hawaii at Manoa. 

Savant editor K. M. Lee is an avid writer, gamer, and crafter, born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 2016, she graduated with a Masters in Popular Fiction from the Stonecoast Creative Writing MFA Program and most enjoys Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Fairytales. She freelance writes/edits full time for companies such as interactive fiction start-up, Legendary Affinity, and tabletop roleplaying company, New Agenda Publishing. Kathryn runs on Jesus and boba, and can be found pursuing a myriad of hobbies, including but not limited to crocheting, dancing, watching anime, and figure skating

Alex Mullin graduated from New York University with a BA in Media and Communications. Born an avid reader, Alex has worked with a literary scout to proof manuscript submissions and currently works as an editor at Watching America as well as a proofreader at Savant. She hopes to continue working in the publishing industry where her love of books is facilitated by like-minded people with a common purpose: creating and sharing great literature.

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With over 20 years experience as a freelance copyeditor, Savant/Aignos editor Colleen O'Brien delights in the English language. She considers it her job to make authors look their best without changing their voice. She is particularly interested in political and metaphysical non-fiction, poetry and memoirs, while also enjoying historical, dramatic, romance, thriller and detective fiction.

Multi-award-winning author, poet and editor, former Editor-in-Chief and publisher,  Zachary M. Oliver in 2013 founded Aignos Publications, bringing it back into the Savant fold in 2017. 


Savant cover artist Jessica Orfe an artist and educator as well as an avid reader. She is at home with nature, creatures, and peculiarly engaging stories. Jessica holds an MFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa (2013), a PBC from SAIC (2009), and a BA from the University of Chicago (2006).

David Shinsato is Savant/Aignos' Editor-in-Chief/Acquisition Officer, also serves as an editor and proofreader. He currently resides in Colorado. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Second Language Studies from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and enjoys both fiction (romantic-comedy, fantasy, and science fiction) and non-fiction (theology, philosophy, and history). He looks to positively transform reader's worldviews and thereby their lives a little more with every work in which he is involved.

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