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ISBN 978-1-7376431-8-0
Anticipated Savant Books and Publications Release 2023 (ds/md)

The WEAVING OUR STORIES RETURN TO BELONGINGWeaving Our Stories Return To BELONGING ANTHOLGY features poetry, essays, visual art, and stories by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color authors and artists from Hawai'i and abroad. The contributors represent diverse lived experiences and identities, and all have a shared commitment to the well-being of self and community. The authors and artists included in this inspiring collection have masterfully illuminated stories of resistance and liberation that highlight at least one or more of Weaving Our Stories' themes of resistance: cultural memory, accountability, resisting false binaries, and countering hegemony.


ISBN 978-1-7376431-5-9
Anticipated Savant Books and Publications Release 2022 (hd)

HOT NIGHT IN BUDAPEST picks up where the dazzling ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK leaves off. Miles Devereaux awakens in the past one hundred and twenty years from 2065. He soon finds himself as a part of a maverick and courageous troupe of war survivors from various nations hiding from the Russians. His dramatic time travel escape from Bangkok lands him in 1945 Budapest at the conclusion of World War II. There he is shocked to find his future grandparents from France among the refugees. He must keep his identity secret while he bravely helps the refugees escape Stalin's soldiers. Together, they must succeed, or Miles could risk their future as well as his very own existence.

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