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ISBN 978-1-7376431-0-4
Anticipated Savant Books and Publications Release 2022 (md)

Teens Palomma Rossi and Doug Halecki are certain about two things: their interest in and their cluelessness about the opposite sex. Growing up in rural southern New Jersey in the late 1970s, Palomma’s dream of pure love found in her favorite romance novels is cruelly crushed by misogyny and betrayal in real life. The only thing Doug manages to attract are bullies and a local pedophile but certainly not his crush, Christine. The strangest of circumstances at school bring Palomma and Doug together where their laughter and trust in each other help them overcome a world that doesn’t seem to want them. A world where they eventually find a way to live, laugh and like.


ISBN 978-1-7376431-2-8
Anticipated Savant Books and Publications Release 2022 (vt)

LION’S WAY is an adventure and meditation. Lion Majok, an African priest in Hawaii has overwhelming conflicts and a gift for healing. He survives a devastating hurricane, a flash flood, and saves a surfer from a tiger shark. He makes a difference.


K. Simmons Production/Dallen Taylor Production
Produced by Kenny Simmons / Directed by Dallen Taylor
Anticipated Release 2022/23

The Maltese Collection bio-documentary is a reprise to star author William Maltese's many inspirations, achievements, and lifelong support of erotica, LGBTQ authors and readers. 

Featuring Savant/Aignos author and screenwriter William Maltese, with Rajendra "Raj" Peresaud, Maitland McDonogh, Griffin Wynne, Daniel S. Janik, Roger Libby, Lisa Kuppler and Justin Tate. Narrated by Maitland McDonogh. 

currently in post-production


ISBN 978-1-7376431-5-9
Anticipated Savant Books and Publications Release 2022 (hd)

HOT NIGHT IN BUDAPEST picks up where the dazzling ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK leaves off. Miles Devereaux awakens in the past one hundred and twenty years from 2065. He soon finds himself as a part of a maverick and courageous troupe of war survivors from various nations hiding from the Russians. His dramatic time travel escape from Bangkok lands him in 1945 Budapest at the conclusion of World War II. There he is shocked to find his future grandparents from France among the refugees. He must keep his identity secret while he bravely helps the refugees escape Stalin's soldiers. Together, they must succeed, or Miles could risk their future as well as his very own existence.


K. Simmons Production
Produced and Directed by Kendrick Simmons
Anticipated Release 2022/23

A six-part made adventure film featuring long-ignored computer genius Kate Keenan who has designed a computer program that will put Hollywood and Bollywood out of business overnight. Suddenly everyone wants her...and her program. To stay alive, Kate goes into hiding, barely keeping ahead of a lethal hoard of pursuers.

currently in production


ISBN pending
Anticipated Savant Books and Publications Release 2022 (lc/dj)

Keen amateur dancers of the world: At last, a single authoritative book in both English and Japanese, encapsulating everything necessary to move from social dance to performance and competitive DanceSport. History, syllabi, dance notation, and the power of dance and it's unique ability to change one's life. 


ISBN pending
Anticipated Savant Books and Publications Release 2022 (vt)

WORLD WAKERS follows Michael and Heather from the spires of Oxford to the shores of Dubnos, the Otherworld. They seek their mothers, captured by the gleaming Travellers. In their journey trees, birds, and stones wake, even as the greying drains life from everything. What they find unites worlds long divided.



ISBN pending
Anticipated Savant Books and Publications Release 2023 (ds/md)

The WEAVING OUR STORIES SPRING RESISTANCE ANTHOLOGY celebrates a diverse range of black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC)-lived experiences and identities. Our contributors have illuminated stories of resistance and liberation using visual art and written text. This collection articulates Weaving Our Stories themes of resistance: cultural memory, accountability, resisting false binaries, and countering hegemony. 

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