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Believe Again in the Power of New and Enduring Love

ISBN 978-0-9996938-2-7
Anticipated Savant Books and Publications Release 2021 (ds)

- Is about that first stage of love, the Honeymoon Phase, the 
essential stepping stone and critical gateway to everlasting love – 
- Will show you how to perpetuate the initial excitement and hope
 of the often-misunderstood Honeymoon Phase, and how to make it
 last a lifetime.
- Help you to realize that the Honeymoon Phase, when correctly 
navigated, is the most reliable way to a successful HONEYMOON
- Is your comprehensive guide and practical path to the successful 
attainment of a lifelong intimate connection with that special other. 
- Isn’t only about finding love but also about how to keep the 
love you find.
- Will teach you that Eternal Love is always possible, even if
 you’ve become jaded or have lost faith in a meaningful long-term

So, believe NOW in the power of new and enduring love as you take those first amazing steps on the exciting and fulfilling journey to your very own HONEYMOON FOREVER! 

PUA LA'A KEA: Sacred Light of Flower

2021 Savant Poetry Anthology

edited by Robert "Uhene" Maikai
ISBN 978-0-9996938-9-6
Anticipated Savant Books and Publications Release 2021 (rum)


ISBN 978-0-9996938-8-9
Anticipated Savant Books and Publications Release 2021 (eg)

A heart-warming story about a boy, his dog and their love for each other., SHEP'S ADVENTURES also includes the dog's relationship his best friend, another dog named Rufus, and a wise old owl named Clarence.  Shep rescues a woman from a car wreck and becomes a true hero.


ISBN 978-0-9994633-5-2
Anticipated Savant Books and Publications Release 2021 (hd)

In this alternate history, Quebec is an independent republic on the eve of World War II.  A hard-boiled detective investigates a series of art thefts that leads to murder and international intrigue. 


ISBN 978-1-7376431-0-4
Anticipated Savant Books and Publications Release 2021 (md)

I LOVE LIKING YOU A LOT bridges the generation gap, suggesting to teens of 2019 that their challenges and world are not so different from that of previous generations. Set in the 1970s, the novel explores issues teens continue to face: isolation, self-doubt, bullying and sexual impropriety at the hands of trusted adults.


Anticipated Savant Records Release 2021 (dk)

World Famous kids' songs from Hawaii. Leon & Malia Sing-Along Fun! Award-winning recording artists, composers and performers, Leon Siu and Malia Elliott form a musical bridge between Hawaii and the rest of the world. Their Works range from film scores to commercial jingles, to symphonic music, to contemporary and Hawaiian melodies, to Hawaii's best loved children's sing-along songs. On Concert tours, they have shared the Aloha Spirit worldwide and career highlights include their prestigious Boy With Goldfish recording with the London Symphony Orchestra and the soundtrack for the National Geographic documentary, The Voyage of the Hokule'a.


ISBN pending
Anticipated Savant Books and Publications Release 2021 (lc/dj)

Keen amateur dancers of the world: At last, a single authoritative book in both English and Japanese, encapsulating everything necessary to move from social dance to performance and competitive DanceSport. History, syllabi, dance notation, and the power of dance and it's unique ability to change one's life. 


ISBN pending
Anticipated Savant Books and Publications Release 2021 (rg)

Chicago Police Department detective “Mack” McPherson returns to the Indiana lakes community after 23 years to confront those who murdered his brother and others who covered up the crime. When they suddenly become murder victims, Mack becomes suspect number one, challenging him to track down their killer, a dangerous psychopath on his own mission of retribution.


ISBN pending
Anticipated Savant Books and Publications Release 2021 (sp)

LION’S WAY is an adventure and meditation. Lion Majok, an African priest in Hawaii has overwhelming conflicts and a gift for healing. He survives a devastating hurricane, a flash flood, and saves a surfer from a tiger shark. He makes a difference.


ISBN pending
Anticipated Savant Books and Publications Release 2021 (hd)

This generational saga of epic proportions takes Virgil and his new wife, Anna, to Ohio. There, the entire family struggled through the Great Depression to give life and purpose to The Immigrant's Grandson. Howard Virgil Savage entered a world of strife, poverty and hopelessness, in 1932, but grew to accomplish great things as a key member of NASA's endeavor to send men from the Earth to the moon.

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