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by Mila Komarnisky
256 pp.  5.25 x 8" Softcover
ISBN 978-09829987-7-9

The historical novel describes passionate love, intense suffering and miraculous survival of one Ukrainian family who lived in a Ukrainian village through the hardships of World War I, Socialist Revolution, Russian Civil war, World War II, the famines of 1921, 1932-33, 1947, and a cruel Stalinist regime.


5/5 Stars - "
My husband is Ukrainian and I always wanted a...glimpse of what it would have been like there...this book gave it to me... I couldn't [have] imagine[d] having to go through...famine to war to rape and everything in between...an amazing novel...I think that everyone should give it a read!" - mylissaG

5/5 Stars - "a story about Ukraine coming out from under the grip of Russia, and of people coming out of the grip of oppression" - Ami Blackwelder

5/5 Stars - "a heart-wrenching...account of life in Ukraine during the tumultuous 20th century...up to the time of Ukraine's independence in 1991. Wars, famine, Stalin's oppression, political gamble of various communist leaders - it is like reading history and fiction all in one...[yet] on a personal level, it's a touching love story. With all the talk about every other family being dysfunctional nowadays, it was a relief to read about one that was not, about the relationship that was solid as a rock, about the devotion that endured unimaginable hardship and never wavered" - Clara

"Komarnisky provides readers with a truly great literary work, inspired by history, interwoven with a tapestry of deeply moving themes, unparalleled in our generation" - Todd Rutherford