Author of
     THE POWER OF DANCE (Savant, in editing)

Originally from Japan, Setsuko Tsuchiya came to the USA and earned a BA in Liberal Arts at Thomas Edison University while studying western somatic therapy at Hawaii College of Health Sciences. After becoming a licensed massage therapist, she began wondering if there could be such a thing as somatic (body) therapy that is independent of language and universally applicable to all cultures. She is a member of the American Dance Therapy Association, Japan Dance Therapy Association, and an honored fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine. An author, actress and performance dancer, she recently receive a Masters in Science in Somatic Therapy and is workin on a PhD in Ballroom and Latin American Dance. 

She appeared in the K. Simmons Production of the movie "STATIC" (2021). 

The above works are also available in printed and/or ebook format from Amazon, Book Depository, GooglePlay and iTunes as well as other fine online and brick-and-mortar bookstores throughout the world. 

She is Executive Producer of the K. Simmons Productions, "THE WILLIAM MALTESE COLLECTION" and "FINDING KATE.

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