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TROPIC OF CALIFORNIA: The Strains of Strauss (2009)
by R. Page Kaufman
286 pp.  5.25" x 8.5" Softcover
ISBN 978-1441-482501

Join definitive tragic character Alan Strauss on a rapidly unfolding satirical romp through glitzy Southern California. This twenty seven year-old divorced ex-shoe salesman and "life survivor," temporarily down on his luck, is suddenly lifted up to a high corporate position and offered riches beyond belief. Yet through a stunning twist of fate, Alan learns the true meaning of love and friendship. "Tropic of California" is an entertaining, humorous, and romantic (yes, romantic) look at the human condition - a heartfelt story of one man's courageous journey to wisdom, happiness, and, ultimately, the ever-elusive "good life."


5/5 Stars - "caught my eye, just as one would catch a vacation pamphlet and go on an impromptu get-a-way.  I felt I was stepping into a perfectly prepared pool for a wonderful, warm swim. Know this; Tropic of California and California Dreamin' are not necessarily fantasies. I found his descriptive journey a pleasure from beginning to end. Jump in, the water's fine" - D. Krakover-Lyons

5/5 Stars - "a delightful light hearted romantic comedy that walks you through the life of Alan Strauss as his career takes him from rags to riches and back again. His life struggles, many of which I can identify with, made me laugh, made me cry, and I really grew to appreciate Alan's creative imagination when he applied his talents to his mundane job. Without giving the end of the story away, I would just like to say "three cheers" for Alan Strauss...[and] very nicely done, R. Page Kaufman" - Penny Cates