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by Richard Rose
360 pp.  6" x 9" Softcover Tradebook
ISBN 978-0-9886640-8-1

A maverick Chicago cop uncovers a conspiracy that people with immense power will stop at nothing, not even murder, to keep secret. Set up as the killer of his only witness, he must find a way to clear himself and expose the conspiracy, which changes the course of history.

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"totally Chicago" - Chicago Sun-Time

"a very gifted writer" - David Sloan, Times-Union

5 of 5 Stars - "engaging and enthralling...Rose is a genius with description, and he delights his readers with carefully crafted plot and a protagonist everyone can relate to on some level" - Josephine R. Lowery

5 of 5 Stars - "Fine book...well written...suspense right until the very end" - Daniel Wissman