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by A. G. Hayes
384 pp. - 6" x 9" Softcover Trade Book
ISBN 978-0-9852506-7-6

Between the end of World War II and the winter of 1975, a 700-year-old prayer book, a key and a faded blueprint came to light in Vienna, and began a 25-year search for Nazi Herman Goering's treasure. In modern day Vienna, American agents Koski and Falk must go undercover to locate the treasure and the Judas List -- a compendium of individuals and organizations who had financed WWII, and, in it's aftermath, now intended to manipulate world finances to bring about the Fourth Reich. But the Americans aren't the only ones looking for the list and the treasure. So are ex-Nazi, the Bosnians, Russians, and, most recently, Muslim militants.

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5/5 Stars - "another masterpiece from A. G. Hayes...lots of knock down, drag out adventure and action, just like the first book, with plot twists and turns and peril for all" - Anne Baker

5/5 Stars - "Where is Goering's war plunder treasure buried and what does it say about the Fourth Reich and our new world order today...find out why Mossad, and US government agents Koski and Falk are fighting their way across Europe to be the first to find Goering's treasure. [And] does Goering's [secret] wire recording...name...the 21st century master's of the universe and who are they? Find out by reading this well written thriller that weaves historic events and information into a fast moving and exciting story...great read" - Happy Gilmore

5/5 Stars - "I felt like I was watching a film whilst reading this book" - Pat