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by Tony Tame
260 pp. - 5.25" x 8" Softcover Pocketbook
ISBN 978-0-9852506-9-0

"The Desperate Cycle" traces the daily battle that a family at the bottom of the social and economic structure of Jamaica must wage. The forces of environmental pollution, police brutality and political neglect and corruption press upon them through three generations. Successive cycles engulf them, but never defeat their resilience, humor and wit. Dark laughter pervades the story.

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"Tame writes with authority and understanding on Jamaica’s dilemmas, foremost among them the fishing industry"- J. Wynner Caribbean Compass

4 of 5 Stars - "takes us through three generations of Jamaicans who grow up in poverty and make different attempts to break that cycle of poverty...as an American who once lived in Jamaica and has family there, The THE DESPERATE CYCLE gives some interesting insights to a part of Jamaican culture" - BRRRRR