Savant Books and Publications (SBAP) is seeking outstanding book proofreaders. Traditionally our best book proofreaders have been retired English teachers commanding the highest level of American English grammar and structure along with a profound love of books.

Job Description

SBAP proofreaders have two weeks to read, identify and mark directly onto a softcover book “proof,” any residual comprehension, grammar, structure or punctuation errors of works that have already been professionally edited and polished. Book proofreading is the last and final step before releasing the work.


This is an occasional, part-time contract position offering no salary, direct monetary compensation or employee benefits. Instead, for each proofread and released book, we “comp” the proofreader a free SBAP work of his or her choice (we pay shipping anywhere within the USA including Alaska and Hawaii).


Our proofreaders are trained and certified by SBAP, giving those interested in pursuing proofreading as a full-time occupation or a career in publishing, the initial training and documentation necessary to advance their way into permanent positions with publishers worldwide. 

For individuals interested in editing, book proofreading is the first step towards becoming a Savant editor.

How to Apply

Send an email directly to the publisher at "" and include in the body a brief statement as to why you want to be a Savant Proofreader. Attach an Apple Pages (.pages), MS Word (.docx or .doc), Rich Text Format (.rft) or Text (.txt) resume. Include all previous proofreading training or experience. 

Company Summary

Savant Books and Publications is a small, dynamic, independent, Hawaii-headquartered publisher of new, transformative fiction and non-fiction literary works “with a twist,” including children’s works. We pride ourselves in introducing the best of new authors to the reading public.

We welcome serious inquiries and applications from interested parties especially those with a pre-established income including retired seniors.