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by Helen Doan
296 pp.  5.25" x 8" Softcover
ISBN 978-0-9832861-8-9

ON MY BEHALF details the misadventures of a naïve Vietnamese girl pursuing her dream of becoming a successful writer. As she navigates through early adulthood, she finds that balancing between staying true to her dreams and settling for an unremarkable life challenges ever fiber of her being.

5/5 Stars - "I don't normally approve of young'uns writing memoirs, but it's clear that Helen has already lived a pretty full life and has quite the story to share with the world. She's loved and lost, made mistakes, learned from her mistakes, fought for others, and fought for herself. If she should wish to metaphorically 'run butt-naked across a crowded beach' in order to share with the rest of us the precious lessons she has learned, well, I can only marvel at such bravery and thank her for it" - Lady Vetinari

5/5 Stars - "informative, captivating, heartbreaking...women should read this book to get a straight forward and honest look behind the fairy tale curtain of their upbringing. Men should read this book, if they dare, to get past their naive and macho behaviors that will lessen or even destroy their romantic and sexual relationships" - Richard W. Ellis