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by Orest Stocco
402 pp.  6" x 9" Softcover
ISBN 978-0-9841175-9-8

Cassie O’Shaunnesy’s abortion experience slips through the fingers of the pro-life and pro-choice dilemma, only for her to have a spiritual awakening with her aborted daughter Seana which changes Cassie's life forever.  

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5/5 Stars - "Gripping...Cassie O'Shaunnesy endures divorce, religious doubt, self-loathing and attempted suicide for aborting her child...[turning] away from...authority...[towards] a new spirituality...one that permits her to live her life in a sacred manner...without...condemnation. Cassie O'Shaunnesy...represent[s] our world of today, seeking new definitions of spirituality and self...a spirituality that recognizes the acceptance of one's responsibilities" - Bentley Gates, Author of THE BAHRAIN CONSPIRACY and THE HANGING OF DR. HANSON

5/5 Stars - "[an] authentic story, authentic characters...I found much to reflect on about my own shadow self...[and] have started to re read it a second time" - Mo

5/5 Stars - "great read...[the] characters absolutely breathe and sweat off the pages. Stocco's hold-no-prisoner approach will pull you right into the commotion of this outspoken tale about one woman's emergence to strength and dignity in a world where religion can be made vindictive and controversial by none other than the (mis)interpretation of man" - Helen Doan, Author of ON MY BEHALF

5/5 Stars - "An amazing journey" - Penny Cates