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by Four Arrows (D. T. Jacobs)
262 pp.  5.25" x 8" Softcover
ISBN 978-0-9845552-5-3

A humpback whale mysteriously takes a mixed-blood American Indian professor to sea. While struggling to survive, the man begins to reclaim his indigenous roots, and in the process discovers thousands of whales on a suicide mission in the North Pacific. When he theorizes the dire effects the whale's action could have for all of life on earth, he and a sympathetic woman marine biologist, influenced by a Hawaiian shaman's dream, against all odds, try to warn the world in time. 

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5 of 5 stars - "I encourage every high school class, every social activist, every entrepeneur and business partner, scientist, corporate heads and banking executives to read this book" - Kristen A. Alliegro

"engaging" - Francine Cousteau

"profound insight" - Capt Charles Moore (Algalita Marine Research Foundation)

"affects the heart as deeply as it does the mind" - Roger Wolfson (Television Writer and former U. S. Senate Staffer)

"takes the reader into a world of sensation and thought unlike any other" - Tim Dykman (Co-Director "Ocean Revolution")

will benefit Algalita Marine Research Foundation, which is documenting the impacts of plastic debris on the oceans" - Richard Walker Indian Country Today