Author of
     POLONIO PASS (Aignos 2014)
     DEEP SLUMBER OF DOGS (Aignos 2016)
     THE WINTER SPIDER (Aignos, 2018) 
Contributing poet to
     FIFTY-EIGHT STONES - 2012 Savant Poetry Anthology
     BELLWEATHER MESSAGES - 2013 Savant Poetry Anthology
     RUNNING FROM THE PACK - 2014/15 Savant Poetry Anthology
     KINDRED - 2018 Savant Poetry Anthology
     ENTWINED - 2019 Savant Poetry Anthology

Gary ‘Doc’ Krinberg was raised in California where he worked as a hot pretzel salesman, strip club barker, parking lot valet, garage attendant and junkyard truck driver before embarking on a career in the US Navy as a hardhat diver, affording him significant travel and exposure to many different cultures. Post navy, he pursued graduate degrees and has taught in various institutions in Japan, Hawaii and mainland America while raising three sons. He currently resides in Alexandria, Virginia, where he works as an educational consultant, author of poetry and prose, and editor of poetry, enthused by the reemergence of the Oakland Raiders as a power in the AFC West. 

The above works are also available in printed and/or ebook format from Amazon, Book Depository, GooglePlay and iTunes as well as other fine online and brick-and-mortar bookstores throughout the world. 

A multi-award-winning poet, his works also appear in THE BLACK ROSE OF WINTER (Lost Tower 2014) and TEMPTATION (Lost Tower 2016).