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KEYS IN THE RIVER - notes from a Modern Chimurenga (2012)
by Tendai Mwanaka
255 pp.  5.25" x 8" Softcover Trade Pocketbook
ISBN 978-0-9852506-2-1

Keys in the River is a cycle of stories about economically-challenged, politically-torn, and disease-ridden Zimbabwe, told as if the reader were sitting and listening to neighbors and friends talking about life. Some stories are tender, even comic; in others, tragedy and outrage lurk. The stories share a common thread, a noble stance in the struggle to find love, freedom, justice, completeness, and satisfaction.

4 of 5 Stars: "a phenomenal set of short stories that...do a wonderful job of painting life in Zimbabwe from the perspective of someone who grew up there and continues to try to make a life there. These stories are, in turns, gut wrenching and funny, tragic and uplifting. Don't miss this wonderful writer" - Z_editor

4 of 5 Stars: "Mwanaka does indeed wade through a territory rife with atrocity...[but with] humor, love, and resilience" - Brett Alan Sanders