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by Hans Brinkmann
308 pp.  6" x 9" Softcover Tradebook
ISBN 978-0-9915622-0-6

Peter dreams of life with a camera, but his father doubts he has the toughness required to be a professional photographer, and pushes him instead into a more sensible profession: international banking. Twenty-five years later, dramatic events lead Peter to sacrifice his stable career and family for a photographer's life - in New York. A vicious attack, however, disrupts his first success, leaving him to wonder how he will ever reconcile with a stubborn father with whom he's never seen eye-to-eye.

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5 of 5 Stars: "Transitioning from post-war Europe to the Singapore of the 1950s, the writer situates us in a world where the British, administrators, possessed
of an absolute sense of entitlement, are living in the twilight of empire. In so doing, he provides an intriguing post-war document...centering on the ordeals of freelance photographers" - Stephen Mansfield

5 of 5 Stars: "this work of fiction could not have come about were it not for the very real experiences lying behind it...the classical story of the secret life, unlived, ever dreamed of. And of the loving father who is unable to express himself in a way that his boy understands – not until years later, when it is almost too late" - Philip Philipsen

5 of 5 Stars: "a wonderful novel...[about] the relationship between father and son...and a great read. I was sorry to have reached the end. I would have liked it to go on" - A. L. Mok