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IN DIRE STRAITS: Keeping Spirit Alive When the Wheels Come Off (2011)
by Jim Currie
244 pp.  5.25 x 8" Softcover
ISBN 978-0-9845552-9-1

In Dire Straits is a healing memoir about the challenges of coping with and recovering from an incapacitating rheumatoid disease. Told from the perspective of a solo world traveler, it reads like a travel book, full of edifying adventures and quirky discoveries. Each encounter prompts reflection on self-empowerment through greater mindfulness, curiosity and imagination.

5 of 5 Stars: "a triumph of spirit" - Richard C. Kelly

"A Powerful Memoir of Healing, Love, and Imagination." - Larry Dossey, M.D. 

"[An] insightful and reflective story about cohealing...[a] guide for those unwilling to surrender to despair and powerlessness...A joy to read with special value for anyone struggling with chronic disease" - Ralph Golan M.D., author of Optimal Wellness: Where Mainstream and Alternative Medicine Meet

"an outstanding contribution to the link between personal and planetary healing...written with a lightness of touch, engaging humor and insight by someone who has  traveled a healing path" - Satish Kumar, author of Path Without Destination