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Treasure Hunt!

July-Sept 2020:
Daniel S. Janik's A WHALE'S TALE

Answer ten (10) questions from the internet for a chance to win a free printed book!
(Savant 2009)
 by Daniel S. Janik (Illustrated by Ruth R. Janik) 
92 pp. 8.25" x 5" Softcover Special-Sized Children's Book 
20 B&W "Color-Me-Please" Illustrations 
ISBN 9781442105065 
The adventures of a juvenile humpback whale on his way from Hawaii to Alaska as told by his childhood sweetheart. Written for adults to read aloud to their children, and youth to 16 years of age to read and enjoy. 

The first in Savant's "COLOR-ME-PLEASE" Children's Books series. 

1. Search the internet to answer the ten "Treasure Hunt" questions below.  
2. All entries must be via our "Treasure Hunt Submission" form (below). 
3. Only submissions with a USA mailing address allowed
4. Only one submission per unique email address. Multiple submissions from one email address will  be eliminated. 
5. Savant/Aignos will post the randomly chosen winner here on 31 September 2020. The winner is _____________________ 
6. The submission with the ten closest "Treasure Hunt" answers will be the winner. If there are multiple winners, Savant/Aignos will choose one winner at random from the winners pool. One winner will receive the author-signed, "gift" book indicated above without charge or obligation. 
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Treasure Hunt Questions: 

Aloha Nature Children's Book Lovers: IT'S TIME FOR A WHALE-OF-A-TREASURE HUNT! I'm itching to give-away a signed copy of my award-winning children's book,  A WHALE'S TALE (Savant 2008), to the person who can best answer all the following questions:

1. Of the  120+ Savant/Aignos books, CDs and DVDs, how many are by the author of A WHALE'S TALE? Special Treasure Hunt HInt: Be sure to include all of my books, CDs and DVDs under my different pen names. 

2. A WHALE'S TALE is the second in the Pacific Rim Naturalist and first in the Savant "Color-Me-Please" children's books series. What is the title of the FIRST book in the Pacific Rim Naturalist series? Special Treasure Hunt Hint: it was not published by Savant, but it's locatable under one of my many pan-names on 

3. What is the name of the author and title of the SECOND book in the Savant "Color-Me-Please" series? Special Treasure Hunt Hint: it's by an author whose first name is that of a kind of bird.

4. To which URL should a school teacher go on the internet to learn about and take advantage of my free, international, public service project, "Ocean of Whales," associated with A WHALE'S TALE? Special Treasure Hunt Hint: A good place to begin looking is on my author webpage. 

5. Who illustrated A WHALE'S TALE?

6. One of our current authors served as the editor for A WHALE'S TALE, though he/she's since retired from editing and is listed on the Savant website only as a Savant author.  What is the name of the author who edited A WHALE'S TALE? Special Treasure Hunt Hint: It's a Savant author whose book, published by Savant in 2009, won three book awards and is the only Savant book to have a music CD of the same title.

7. If someone wanted to acquire copies of A WHALE'S TALE at a discounted price for birthdays, Whale's Day or Christmas gifts, what URL should he or she go to for the best discount price?  Special Treasure Hunt Hint: There are four places on the internet that offer the book at 10% off the Suggested Retail Price using "ONLINE" discount code at checkout AND free shipping within the USA including Alaska, Hawaii and APO addresses. You need only answer with one of the four URLs. 

8.  In my A WHALE'S TALE Savant Press Release, I mention my true author passion. What is it? Special Treasure Hunt Hint: The Savant issues an internet press release for every newly released book.

9. What are my eight (8) occupations? Special Treasure Hunt Hint: A good place to start is my author webpage. 

10. Facebook is one of many social media sites that I post to. On my Facebook website, I mention the name of my high school. What are my high school colors and mascot?

You must post your ten, numbered answers in one reply below. 

"Have Whale, Will Travel"
Daniel S. Janik
Author of A WHALE'S TALE (Savant 2008)

My Treasure Hunt Submission