Savant Books and Publications (SBAP) is seeking outstanding editors. Traditionally our best editorss have been authors and/or retired English teachers who command the highest level of American English, editing, grammar and structure skills along with a profound love of books.

Job Description

SBAP editors have twelve months to bring a selected manuscript to release as in book form. More specifically, this means nine months to content, line finally word edit the manuscript; two months to polish the laid up interior, and one month to assist the author in proofing, publicity, marketing and pre-sales. After training, Savant editors have final choice as to which manuscripts they take on. 


This is an occasional, part-time contract position with quarterly compensation based on an individual work contracted percentage of net quarterly sales for all works edited by the editor and brought to release.  We pay editor royalties for the life of the Savant-published version of the work, typically for a minimum seven and maximum of twenty-one years. Editorial royalties are paid to the editor even if the editor leaves Savant before the work is retired. 


Our editors are trained and certified by SBAP, giving those interested in pursuing editing as a full-time occupation the initial training and documentation necessary to advance their way into permanent positions with publishers worldwide. Editor training includes proofreader training, and Savant editors may also serve as Savant proofreaders. 

How to Apply

Send an email directly to the publisher at "" and include in the body a brief statement as to why you want to be a Savant Editor. Attach an Apple Pages (.pages), MS Word (.docx or .doc), Rich Text Format (.rft) or Text (.txt) resume. Include all previous training or experience. 

Company Summary

Savant Books and Publications is a small, dynamic, independent, Hawaii-headquartered publisher of new, transformative fiction and non-fiction literary works “with a twist,” including children’s works. We pride ourselves in introducing the best of new authors to the reading public.

We welcome serious inquiries and applications from interested parties especially those with pre-established income including retired seniors.