Savant Books and Publications (SBAP) is seeking an outstanding Editor-in-Chief. Our best choice for editor-in-chief would be (1) a previously published author, (2) editor training and experience, (3) who loves management and has proven project and people management skills and experience, and (4) who loves reading books and can distinguish between literary and non-literary quality works. We prefer an Editor-in-Chief permanently located on Oahu Island. We prefer to select from our current pool of experienced, Savant-trained editors; however, will consider equivalently trained and experienced individuals with outstanding project management and people skills from outside SBAP. 

Job Description

The Savant Editor-in-Chief position is an entrepreneurial position, and one of three key "staff" positions. Typically, the Editor-in-Chief (1) serves as our Acquistions Officer, reviewing and selecting submissions for publication that fit Savant requirements and needs, (2) serves as our Editor Training Officer, training new editors in all aspects of the Savant Editor Training Program; (3) manages Savant editors to make certain they progress works through editing, polishing, and pre-release publicity and marketing; and (4) meets weekly with the Publisher and Director of Publicity and Marketing at a Publisher set day, time and location in Honolulu to present and discuss new acquisition recommendations and report on editor work progression. The Editor-in-Chief also makes suggestions to improve publication quality, speed and business success. 


This is a part-time contract position with quarterly compensation based on a fixed percentage of net total quarterly company sales. The total dollar amount is unrestricted, meaning that Savant does not cap the resulting dollar amount. 

In addition, the Editor-in-Chief can, once trained and certified as a Savant Editor, also serve as a Savant Editor, receiving additional editor royalties; and/or, once trained and certified as a Savant Proofreader, receive additional proofreader benefits. 

It is hoped that, as business grows, this position would eventually transition into a permanent, full-time, salaried, employee position with full employee benefits.

Additional Benefits

The Savant Editor-in-Chief and Director of Publicity and Marketing work directly under and with the Publisher, and receives his/her ongoing Editor-in-Chief, Editor and Proofreader training directly from the Publisher.

Editor-in-Chief training is directed at having the Editor-in-Chief eventually serve as a Publisher of a Savant imprint. 

How to Apply

Send an email directly to the publisher at "" and include in the body a brief statement as to why you want to be our Savant Editor-in-Chief. Attach an Apple Pages (.pages), MS Word (.docx or .doc), Rich Text Format (.rft) or Text (.txt) resume. Include all relevant previous training or experience. 

Company Summary

Savant Books and Publications is a small, dynamic, independent, Hawaii-headquartered publisher of new, transformative fiction and non-fiction literary works “with a twist,” including children’s works. We pride ourselves in introducing the best of new authors to the reading public.

We welcome serious inquiries and applications from interested parties, especially those with pre-established income including retired seniors.