Dr. Jamie Dela Cruz, Ed.D. currently resides on the island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii. He enjoys the "simple life" and continues to keep himself active in the field of education by taking on new roles in different schools around the state. He is a well-rounded individual who enjoys spending lots of time outdoors with friends and time with his family. Having spent most of his professional years as an elementary educator, he enjoys finding time for himself and finding a good balance of work life and play. 

Jamie graduated from Argosy University with a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and also has a Master’s in Elementary Education. He has been an elementary school teacher for more than ten years, serving the Honolulu District in Honolulu, Hawaii. Jamie has taught and created professional development courses at the University of Phoenix for the university's college of education program. Aside from a successful career in academia, Jamie has served as an external consultant for Honda Educational Learning Partners helping them run logistics to enhance learning goals and strategic planning, and completes grant writing projects and evaluations for companies based in Hawaii. 

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