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by David B. Seaburn
282 pp.  6" x 9" Softcover
ISBN 978-0-9852506-8-3

When their four-year-old son, Danny, dies suddenly, Mitch and Kate’s grief overwhelms them. Conflicted about going on with their lives, Mitch and Kate decide to leap from a cliff at Chimney Bluffs. When the couple is found by park rangers, Clancy and Bobby, Kate is still very much alive. What follows is a poignant and powerful story of three strangers, each facing a tragic loss, who together find friendship and healing.

5/5 Stars - "set in Western NY on the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario at the Spectacular Chimney Bluffs State Park, this story immediately commands the reader's attention and takes them on a journey through tragedy, healing, forgiveness, compassion and friendship...if you enjoyed...Dave's last book, CHARLIE NO FACE, you are sure to be captivated by this...work as well...highly recommended" - Kecia S. Binko

5/5 Stars - "a moving story about a family caught in the grips of difficult circumstances and choices...the...easy, conversational style makes for a compelling read" - Spiritmover

5/5 Stars - "the twists and turns...held my interest throughout" - Cookie