Author of  AMMON'S HORN (Savant 2011)

Born on the banks of the Detroit River in an orange crate house next to a pot-belly stove in the cold spring of 1930, Guerrino Amati (d. 2017) worked his way through a BA English from Wayne State University and, later, after a stint in the US Army, an MA from the University of Chicago.  Associate Editor for Popular Mechanics Magazine in the early sixties, he taught English grammar, rhetoric, literature, logic in City Colleges of Chicago from 1962 to 1995. Amati began writing in 1982, happily ensconced with his wife in an old farm house in rural Crete, just south of Chicago. He has written three novels and eight short stories. With five children -- two daughters, three sons -- this "old man is trying like Hell to get someone to publish his ironic, sardonic take on this most absurd of species."

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