Coming Works In Final Production

by David B. Seaburn
ISBN 978-0-9915622-3-7
Anticipated 2014 Release

When Maxwell Ruth falls down his basement stairs, he starts hearing a puzzling message:


and his life changes forever. Enter the lives, loves, and losses of six people in search of something more. Each could use More More Time, but the clock is ticking and time is short.


by Erin Lee
ISBN 978-0-9915622-8-2
Anticipated 2015 Release

Crazy Like Me is the story of a therapist, Dr. Katherine Murphy, who has recently opened a private practice. Her clients’ lives collide in weekly group therapy sessions. As Dr. Murphy faces her own relationship demons, she finds she, as well as her clients, learn important lessons from one another.

by Seth Clabough
ISBN 978-0-9915622-7-5
Anticipated 2015 Release

Lightly, an impossibly good-looking star quarterback from an elite Virginia college, drags along an unlikely sidekick—the immensely unpopular and overweight Santana Montana—to a remote Costa Rican fishing village in search of a unifying vision—a secret location where he might glimpse the parallel universes predicted by quantum physics. Informed by quantum theory and driven by the desire to outrun the dark grip of family trauma, Lightly sets out on an impromptu picaresque adventure that is at once absurd and poignant.


by Daniel Scott
ISBN 978-0-9915622-9-9
Anticipated 2015 Release

VALEDICTORY is set at a university in New York in the 1980s during a student takeover that shuts down the campus for three weeks. Earl is an ambitious senior trying to secure the prize of valedictorian. Brilliant and aloof, he cannot, however, stay completely above the turmoils roiling the university.


by Charlotte Hebert
ISBN 978-0-9963255-0-9
Anticipated 2015 Release

Mo is the recipient of a prophecy. She believes the prophecy states that she is supposed to leave home to become a nun at the age of sixteen—which is now. The only problem: Her mother recently died, and her father is starting to show signs of having Alzheimer’s disease (which are really quite big problems). Can Mo fulfill her prophecy? Or is the cosmos actually pointing her in another direction?    

by GV Rama Rao
ISBN 978-0-9915622-4-4
Anticipated 2015 Release

Three children, banished by the Night Fairy to a deserted island for frequent fighting with their siblings, must find their way back home using their wits. Their adventures include a voyage onboard a one-of-a-kind ship, where they get stuck in the timeline; fight pirates; and meet a multitude of leprechauns, a fire-spewing dragon, a knight astride a lion, and the Night Fairy herself.


Coming Works In Editing

The Chemical Factor
by A. G. Hayes
ISBN Pending
Anticipated 2015 Release

A stolen weapon of mass destruction hidden years ago on board the Queen Mary, has remained there unknown and undisturbed. That is, up to now. Agents Falk and Koski are called in to evacuate the ship and somehow locate the bomb. Running out of time, they risk their lives to locate the weapon, not knowing that a Girl Scout strayed from her group during evacuation and is hiding in the ship's Trafalgar Square gift shop.

Cleopatra Unconquered
by Helen R. Davis
ISBN Pending
Anticipated 2015 Release

The first book of three in a richly imagined ancient world where the course of history is altered by one battle, and Cleopatra becomes not merely Liz Taylor with a bob and a beauty spot, but emerges as the scholar, stateswoman and astute politician which she deserves to be remembered.


In Search of Somatic Therapy
by Setsuko Tsuchiya
ISBN Pending
Anticipated 2015 Release

What is somatic therapy? Is it about somatic therapy (psychological "talk therapy" that surrounds somatic stimulation) or somatic therapy (the somatic stimulation itself)? Do the different forms of somatic experience, e.g. massage, dance, singing, accupuncture, accupressure and biofeedback have anything in common other than talking about the experience? The author, a registered Hawaii massage therapist who comes from Japan, documents her journey in search of somatic therapy and reports the surprising answers that reveal themselves along the way.


Keiki Calabash (CD)
by Leon & Malia
UPC Pending
Anticipated 2015 Release

Songs from the Hit DVD, KEIKI CALABASH. Keiki Calabash is the most popular kids' video from Hawai'i, with sing-along songs and stories featuring hundreds of island children, puppets, and the great Hawaiian outdoors!


Keiki Calabash (DVD)
by Leon & Malia
UPC Pending
Anticipated 2015 Release

Full of musical fun, featuring hundreds of island children, puppets, and the great Hawaiian outdoors, this DVD has songs about the Monk Seal, the Green Sea Turtle, a fish called ‘O‘opu, the Coconut Tree, and how we must Malama (take care of) Hawai‘i and the world, the land, the sea, the its peoples.


The Adventures of Purple Head, Buddha Monkey and Sticky Feet
by Erik Bracht
ISBN Pending
Anticipated 2015 Release

Three young friends share exciting, outdoor adventures. Problems arise when Purple Head, a little girl from a different plant, takes her fears to extremes. She is encouraged to take risks by her friends, Buddha Monkey and Sticky Feet who are more seasoned nature explorers. Purple Head gains confidence while having fun with her pals. A charming book for grades Pre-K-5.

by Z. Roux
ISBN Pending
Anticipated 2015 Release

As a young child, Danny Bennet was plagued by upsetting dreams. One dream, she felt resulted in the disappearance and possible death of her best friend. Now, at the age of seventeen and having overcome her night terrors, Danny lives a normal life with her two fathers in the picturesque town of New Harbour. She feels as if she is in control of her life and her future, but what Danny doesn't know is that her life is not as "normal" as she led herself to believe.


In the Shadows of My Mind
by Andrew Massie
ISBN Pending
Anticipated 2015 Release

When his mother dies, Special Agent Stephen Lanford and his alternate personality return to their small, southern hometown to find themselves confronted with forgotten secrets and repressed desires that threaten to consume and destroy them.

by Jay Freen
ISBN Pending
Anticipated 2015 Release

Christmas, 1957. Two best friends, Will and Rand, inhabit a world of their own, inspired by their voracious reading of the Hardy Boys books. Ignored by adults, they seek adventure, creating it where there is none, confronting the real thing when they least expect it. Their world--the dunes, the jetty, and the ever-changing oceans--is one that passed from view some time ago, if indeed it ever really existed at all.


Libido Tsunami
by Cate Abel
ISBN Pending
Anticipated 2015 Release

Libido Tsunami salutes the droll in life in a collection of thirty-five humorous short stories categorized by general topic:
Part 1: Family, emotional live traps
 Part 2: Men and disastrous relationships
 Part 3: Living in Hawaii, newest real estate on earth
 Part 4: The Human Spirit, paltry wrestling with ego


The Gumshoe
by Richard Rose
ISBN Pending
Anticipated 2016 Release

Chicago 1947. Private investigator “Matt” McBride runs afoul of corrupt politicians, vicious mobsters and a trigger-happy Texan femme fatale to prove that the “suicide” of his best friend was murder. Matt’s perilous journey to track down the killer nearly dead-ends in a motor home on collision course with a cargo plane.


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