Coming Works In Final Production

by Andrew Massie
ISBN 978-0-9972472-0-6
Anticipated 2016 Release

When his mother dies, Special Agent Stephen Lanford and his alternate personality return to their small, southern hometown to find themselves confronted with forgotten secrets and repressed desires that threaten to consume and destroy them.

by Richard Rose
ISBN 978-0-9972472-2-0
Anticipated 2016 Release

Chicago, 1947. Private investigator “Matt” McBride runs afoul of corrupt politicians, vicious mobsters and a trigger-happy Texan femme fatale to prove that the “suicide” of his best friend was murder. Matt’s perilous journey to track down the killer nearly dead-ends in a motor home on collision course with a cargo plane.

by Setsuko Tsuchiya
Anticipated 2016 Release

What is somatic therapy? Is it about somatic therapy (psychological "talk therapy" that surrounds somatic stimulation) or somatic therapy (the somatic stimulation itself)? Do the different forms of somatic experience, e.g. massage, dance, singing, accupuncture, accupressure and biofeedback have anything in common other than talking about the experience? The author, a registered Hawaii massage therapist who comes from Japan, documents her journey in search of somatic therapy and reports the surprising answers that reveal themselves along the way.

by A. G. Hayes
ISBN 978-0-9972472-4-4
Anticipated 2017 Release

"We chose the place for its neutrality. The Brits opted for its inaccessibility and the Israelis' agreed because of its impregnability," Agent Joseph Falk's voice crackled in the earphones of fellow Agent Susan Koski as she swept her binoculars across the vastness of the dark green sea below to focus on the jagged black rock that comprised the home of Flangenan Light. A lighthouse clinging tenaciously to the rocky outcroppings three miles west of Tiree Island for over one hundred years, once crisp and white, its conical structure embedded into the northernmost tip of land was now weather worn to a splotchy grey.

Then she spied a concrete bunker added to the west curve of the lighthouse, and yet another built into the east face of the rock cliff…

In their sixth adventure, Koski and Falk face what may be one of their most convoluted and deadly assignments yet: Operation Solar Triangle.


 Coming Works In Editing

by Z. Roux
ISBN 978-0-9963255-9-2
Anticipated 2016 Release

One minute, Danny Bennet is just another normal teenager. The next, she learns she comes from a family born with the power to enter people’s dreams and affect their waking lives. As if this isn’t enough to freak her out, somebody  wants to steal her power and would do anything, even kill, to get it. Love. Lies. Magic. Deceit. Fighting for her life. A memorable senior year for sure, but will Danny live to graduate? 

Keiki Calabash (CD)
by Leon & Malia
UPC Pending
Anticipated 2016 Release

Songs from the Hit DVD, KEIKI CALABASH. Keiki Calabash is the most popular kids' video from Hawai'i, with sing-along songs and stories featuring hundreds of island children, puppets, and the great Hawaiian outdoors!

Keiki Calabash (DVD)
by Leon & Malia
UPC Pending
Anticipated 2016 Release

Full of musical fun, featuring hundreds of island children, puppets, and the great Hawaiian outdoors, this DVD has songs about the Monk Seal, the Green Sea Turtle, a fish called ‘O‘opu, the Coconut Tree, and how we must Malama (take care of) Hawai‘i and the world, the land, the sea, the its peoples.

Beneath Them
by Natalie Roers
ISBN Pending
Anticipated 2017 Release

A homeless and emotionally unstable young man moves into the crawl space under the home of an unsuspecting suburban family. This family's day-to-day activities trigger a dangerous series of flashbacks and hallucinations that slowly piece together to reveal the deadly secret their uninvited house guest is hiding.

River's Child
by Mark Seiler
ISBN Pending
Anticipated 2017 Release

Mavin Cedarstrom works in a seed vault near the North Pole. He is trapped underground for six months and enters a stasis chamber. Simone Kita recues Mavin and together they carry the seeds to her home in the south. Mavin learns to adjust to a world inhabited and run by women.

Story Teller
by Nicholas Bylatus
ISBN Pending
Anticipated 2016 Release

Stories told become the reality of the future. Vaks is a StoryTeller chronicling human experience throughout the universe. Humanity, he finds, is slowly facing total, malevolent genocide from within, and he seeks vengeance. In the process, a sentience evolved from advanced human consciousness begins to torment him, eventually leading to the unexpected discovery of a possible way to save the universe from itself.

Bo Henry at Three Forks
by Daniel D. Bradford
ISBN Pending
Anticiapted 2017 Release

Bo Henry sets out to fulfill his dream of becoming a U.S. Marshal in the 1870’s West by attempting to rescue the wife of his partner, Daniel Blue, from kidnappers. Along the way Bo discovers true love in Rose O’Reilly while solving several additional crimes using his lightning fast gun and the Daniel’s quick mind.

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