Newly Released:

by A. G. Hayes
360 pp. 5.25" x 8" Softcover Book
ISBN/EAN 978-0-9972472-4-4

"We chose the place for its neutrality. The Brits opted for its inaccessibility and the Israelis agreed because of its impregnability," Agent Joseph Falk's voice crackled in the earphones of fellow Agent Susan Koski as she swept her binoculars across the vastness of the dark green sea below to focus on the jagged black rock that comprised the home of Flangenan Lighthouse. A lighthouse clinging tenaciously to the rocky outcroppings three miles west of Tiree Island for over one hundred years, once crisp and white, its conical structure embedded into the northernmost tip of land, was now weather-worn to a splotchy grey. 
Then she spied a concrete bunker recently added to the west curve of the lighthouse, then yet another built into the east face of the rock cliff...

In their sixth adventure, Koski and Falk face what may be one of their most deadly assignments yet: Operation Solar Triangle.

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