Submitting a Manuscript for Publication


1. Savant Books and Publications (SBAP) accepts only unpublished submissions of 42,000 to 96,000 words in length in the form of a complete Manuscript Submission Package (MSP). SBAP does not accept or read partial MSP's, partial manuscripts, or manuscripts-in-progress. Savant publishes softcover, perfect-bound books and eBooks. We prefer enduring fiction and non-fiction literary works "with a twist" that broaden a reader's point-of-view. Illustrated children's books must have both an author and illustrator. Illustrations must consist of no more than 20 black and white ("Color-Me-Please") line drawings. Aside from these specifications regarding children's books, WE DO NOT CURRENTLY DO PICTURE BOOKS; COMIC BOOKS; BOOKS WITH COLOR INTERIORS, COLOR PHOTOS OR ILLUSTRATIONS; OR COOK BOOKS.

2. SBAP is fee-free. Savant does not charge authors pre-publication fees including copyright, ISBN, bar codes, editing, proofing, proofreading, press release(s) or marketing and publicity. Likewise, SBAP does not issue advances on submitted works.

3. Except for Savant poetry anthologies, SBAP is a royalty-paying publisher. Savant authors are issued a written contract and paid a royalty on net publication sales. It is the author's responsibility to take care of any literary agent fees.  Savant authors retain full financial rights to any "spin-offs" such as plays or movies.

4. SBAP was created by and for authors. The author and Savant staff will, together, progress the manuscript through editing, layup, cover-design, proofing, marketing, publicity, sales and fullfilment. In return, we expect our authors, especially first-time authors, to take a strong, proactive role in publicizing their name and book titles, as well as marketing and selling their books. This includes emailings (we will tell you how), chats, blogs, appearances and author/book release parties. If you don't plan to do any of the above, please don't submit an MSP.

5. If contracted, Savant author's must provide a valid U. S. Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). If you can't obtain one, we can't pay you royalties.

7. Contracted Savant authors are assigned a professional editor. The author and editor work together as a team at no expense to the author to move the manuscript from author to reader-center.  This takes, on the average six months. If you are not willing to edit your work with a professional editor, or are not willing to accept editor changes to your manuscript, do not submit an MSP. Savant is NOT a self-publisher; do not submit an MSP if you are seeking self-publication "assistance."

8. Contracted authors, after editing, will proof their works together with their editor and the Editor-in-Chief. This takes, on the average three more months. If you are not willing to proof your work until it's "perfect" with an editor and our Editor-in-Chief, accepting editor and Editor-in-Chief changes to the manuscript, do not submit an MSP.

9. SBAP provides professional layup and cover design free-of-charge to authors. In general, authors are discouraged from creating their own covers, though Savant cover artists take into consideration all author suggestions.

10. Once approved and assembled, a whole-book proof is sent to a professional for final proofreading at no cost to the author. This takes, on the average, one additional month. If you are not interested in having your book professionally proofread or are not willing to accept proofreader-based changes, if any, to the manuscript, do not submit an MSP.

11. SBAP designs a two-year, tailored, Publicity and Marketing (P&M) plan at no charge to the author. P&M's commonly include press releases, author/book summaries, excerpts, book reviewer copies, author and book release parties, radio/TV appearances, podcasts, world-wide distribution and order fulfillment, and publicity recommendations at no charge to the author.  Savant authors, especially first-time authors, are expected to respect P&M suggestions and make every effort to market and publicize themselves and their work. If this does not appeal to you, do not submit an MSP.

12. Printing is done on-demand. Except for Savant anthologies, SABP does not require authors to purchase any minimum number of books. SBAP provides authors with five complimentary publicity copies of their published work, and offers author-purchases in lots of ten (10) books at 50% off the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) for personal and consignment sales, appearances and book-signings. This special price includes book-rate shipping anywhere within the USA including Hawaii and Alaska.

13. SBAP publications are listed on and available for purchase at Savant Bookstores, Savant Bookstores Online,, Kindle, affiliated and feeder online book sales channels, as well as interested independent bookstores throughout the world.  SBAP books are currently distributed worldwide through Savant Distribution, Amazon Extended Distribution, Ingram and  numerous sub-distributors. 

14.  SBAP is headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, and is a U. S. publisher.  Royalties are subject to the tax laws of the United States of America.


  • General Format - All manuscripts must be in either Microsoft Word (.doc), Open Office (.docx), Apple Pages (.pages) or Rich Text Format (.rtf). Do not send manuscripts in any other format. NOTE: If your manuscript is accepted, you will will work with a professional editor using "review tracking." Be sure your word processing program has this feature and you know how to use it. If you don't know how, check out:

Flash Tutorial

Good Explanation

Another good explanation

  • Internal Formatting - All manuscripts must also:
  1. Have one-inch margins at top, bottom, left and right sides;
  2. Use solid black, regular, 12-point, Times New Roman font;
  3. Use regular, italics (i.e. oblique style), non-smart quotes ("), and/or non-smart half-quotes and apostrophes (') - ALL OTHER EMBELLISHMENTS MUST BE REMOVED;
  4. Be left-justified only (do NOT right or left-right justify);
  5. Be ALL double-spaced;
  6. Have three hard returns before each chapter heading;
  7. Have one hard return at the end of each paragraph (do not insert an extra blank line);
  8. Strictly employ words, phrases, sentences and/or paragraphs rather than devices (e.g. *****) for all time/location transitions; 
  9. Avoid use of graphs, tables, illustrations and/or photographs;
  10. Use continuous line-wrap within paragraphs;
  11. Have 5 spaces or a 1" tab at the start of each paragraph; and
  12. Indicate pages (e.g. JANIK - PAGE 2 OF 42) at the top of each page in a header
NO OTHER EMBELLISHMENTS including bold, other font sizes, other type fonts, other font styles, other type colors are allowed.

To see an example of a partial manuscript with correct general and internal formatting, click here.

Manuscripts that do not adhere to the above will not be read. If accepted, all editing must adhere to the above requirements.




  1. A short Letter of Introduction (150 words maximum):
  2. Working Title:
  3. Subtitle or Byline:
  4. Author pen name for this work, if any:
  5. Author's actual, legal name:
  6. Author's actual residence address:
  7. Author's complete mailing address:
  8. Author's contact phone number:
  9. Author's email contact address:
  10. Total number of words in manuscript:
  11. Full Synposis (250 words maximum):
  12. Brief Synopsis (50 words maximum):
  13. Chapter-by-Chapter Synopses (2 or 3 sentence summary of each chapter):
  14. Author's Biography:
  15. List of ALL previously published works (title, pen name, internet link):
  16. Explain to whom and how you plan to market your work:

Savant will auto-acknowledge receipt of your MSP via email.  Authors are permitted only one manuscript under consideration at Savant at a time.  Submitted materials will not be returned.

Do not send speculative documents, partial manuscripts, or incomplete MSP's. Do not send any requests or manuscripts by postal mail, we will simply discard them.


Current taxation laws and regulations require authors and editors who do not have a current US Social Security Number (SSN) to obtain a US ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) using a Form W-7 [download form and instructions at and enter "W-7"]. You will have to fill out the form, provide any required documents and send them directly to the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to obtain an ITIN. If contracted, you will be required to provide Savant Books and Publications with a current US SSN or ITIN in order to receive royalties. 

If contracted, once an ITIN is obtained, you will be asked consider the rate of gross royalty tax withholdings. The standard withholding rate for non-US citizens who do not have a US SSN is 30% of royalties. The US, however, may have an established taxation treaty with your country that allows for a lower or even no withholding of taxes [see,,id=96739,00.html for nations with whom such an arrangement exists]. If you wish to claim this lower withholding tax, then you must also fill out a Form W-8BEN [download form and instructions at and enter "W-8BEN"]. You will be required to provide Savant Books and Publications with a completed Form W-8BEN in order to obtain the lower tax treaty withholding rate.

In addition, if contracted, at the end of each calendar year, you will need to file a US income tax report with the IRS (usually sometime between 1 Jan and 1 April) in order to pay any additional taxes or to receive a partial or full refund of royalty tax withholdings.

In some instances, these processes can be simple, quick and involve little expense. In others, it can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. In some instances, especially in the case of low sales of expensive to publish books, even after successfully receiving an ITIN and Form W-8BEN, royalty withholding taxes can end up exceeding net royalties for up to a year to a year and a half, thus delaying receipt of your first net royalty check for that time or even longer.

It is very important that you consider the above carefully before sending an MSP to Savant Books and Publications. Thus far, we are successfully supporting several non-US citizen authors and editors. If you do not have a US SSN and are still interested in pursuing publication with Savant Books and Publications, we will make every possible effort to help you through the above processes. However, YOU MUST FILL OUT, COMPLETE ALL FORMS AND PROVIDE ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION DIRECTLY TO THE US IRS.  If you do not have a US SSN and do not plan to get an ITIN, then do not submit a Manuscript Submission Package (MSP)

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Send all submissions to
Send all other correspondence to
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NOTE:  Savant is on Hawaii Standard Time (HST) and receives phone/FAX/Messages only between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. HST.

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