Savant Books and Publications has some of the best editors in the writing world, hands down.  Working with Dr. Erika Chisarik, Doris Chu, Tara Dine, Ryan Greendyk ("Tropic of California"), Wallace Klein, Dr. Carole Mandryk, Wataru Miyanari, and M. Spencer Wolf has been one of the great experiences of my life.  It is therefore with great pleasure that I introduce the newest addition to our editorial staff, Jack Howard ("Unlock the Genius Within"), writer, editor and longtime friend. 

Jack brings to Savant several unique perspectives including that of a nationally-recognized ghost writer, street reporter, teacher and interest advocate in North American Native Americana. 

One of the privileges of living, as I have, all over the USA, is in seeing the rich cultural and humanistic contribution to America of its original and often most ignored inhabitants.  In Hawaii, where I currently live, Hawaiians in particular and Polynesians in general have likewise served to establish what we think of as American.  It is my sincere hope Savant Books and Publications will, with Jack's interest-expertise, bring Native American authors to our group and in the effort, provide what I consider to be a much-needed forum for understanding the foundations of American culture. This special invitation to Native American authors and to writers on Native American topics, including Hawaiian and Polynesian authors and topics is something I feel privileged to offer.

All authors, whether established or first time, are invited to participate in what I hope will be one of the most author-centered and supportive publishing houses in the world.  The quality of all the manuscripts I've read in editing and publication certainly are proving this out.

Daniel S. Janik