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Posted by Daniel Janik on Thursday, March 26, 2020, In : major events 
There's plenty of "bad" happening just now in regard to COVID-19 and it's myriad effects on everyone's lives. Yet, for every catastrophe, there's always a silver lining if one can but see it. In our case, we're busy fast-tracking publications to help provide something for quarantined and elective "stay-at-homers," namely the finest in enduring literary works to help entertain the heart and exercise the mind. No mere spoon-fed, mind-numbing movies or videos (I'll admit to an occasional one mys...
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Posted by Daniel S. on Sunday, June 9, 2019, In : Publishing 
People in the publishing business have well been aware for several years now that Barnes and Noble (B&N), the last of the huge bookstore chain dinosaurs, has been stumbling. Sometime ago, B&N announced that it was changing its emphasis from books to gifts, while struggling to keep it's 600+ "brick and mortar" bookstores in business. Just recently, Elliott Management Corporation announced (
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