I am pleased to announce that Savant books will now become available to independent and major chain bookstores worldwide through Ingram Distribution Company. What this means is that Ingram clients who request one book on spec or 100,000 books for regional bookstore distribution can now order them directly from Ingram. We have arranged for all new Savant releases to appear on the Ingram list. I estimate it should take, on the average, four months after release for an individual work to actually appear on the Ingram list.  Already published works should appear on Ingram roughly three to four months from today. Some, like CALLED HOME, THE JUMPER CHRONICLES, and KANAKA BLUES are already listed (don't ask me why other than their Amazon.com sales ranks made them an interesting early choice for at least one Ingram client).

What this means is that about four months after release, authors should bring a copy of their work with them to leave at local chain bookstores, check to see if the book is already appearing on their buyer's list (if it doesn't, let them know it is available from Ingram), request that the title appear "on the shelves," and then discuss scheduling a release party with the local chain store representative. It also means that Savant books can be "pre-ordered" through many if not most chain bookstores. If asked who our distributor is, just say "Ingram Distribution."

Being listed with Ingram doesn't guarantee that any particular work will appear in bookstores; however, it opens new channels for Savant Books, authors and bookstores to gain access to a particular work. In the end, it's up to authors, readers and the individual bookstores whether a bookstore will carry a book on the shelf or not.

I'm proud that Ingram has elected to work with Savant Books and our stable of outstanding authors in presenting our books to the world.

Our next distribution goal: A library and school distribution agreement with Baker & Taylor.

Daniel S. Janik
Owner - Savant Books and Publications