Savant Books celebrates the beginning of second year with the release of two books: Daniel S. Janik's children's work, "A Whale's Tale" and R. Page Kaufman's comic tongue-in-cheek L.A. romance "Tropic of California."  The former is a delightful story of a juvenile humpback whale as told by his childhood sweetheart complete with 20 illustrations.  "A Whale's Tale" is the first in the Savant "Color-Me-Please" line.  The later is hands-down, one of the most entertaining, hippest, modern day romances I have ever read (I've read it five times and it still entrances me).  There's no better recommendation I can make as a publisher than to be able to tell readers how much I personally enjoy my author's works.  And there's several more in the immediate pipeline.

With twenty-one authors, you might guess that Savant readers are in for a rich variety of literary works, all of which I promise will not disappoint.  Jamaican fisherman Tony Tame's attention-riveting work, "The Village Curtain," a collection of inter-related fictional short stories about a vertiable rogues gallery of village folk, each with unforgettable personality and foibles, is in proofing.  Tatsuyuki Kobayashi's "The Interzone: A Man of the Dark Grey," a visual smorgasbord of hand woodcut prints over a year in publication preparation is also entering its final stages.  Kobayashi portrays the big city man struggling for identity in the big city world. The images are so fresh, so compelling, I can close my eyes and they remain hauntingly there. Larry Rodness' dramatic novella, "Today I Am A Man" tells the heretofore secret story of a man's challenging childhood through a series of flashbacks and how even at 50 years of age the memories still seem to direct his life.

It's also my pleasure to introduce our newest author's:  Richard Rossi, Francis Powell, Richard Rose and Laurie Hanan, each of whom was brought on board because he or she has something we believe to be totally unique to offer Savant readers.

Authors love to hear from their readers.  I know, because I'm an author and hearing from my readers is one of the biggest joys of my life. I invite you to check out our authors' and author's book websites. If what you see appeals, drop them an email. Tell them you're looking forward to their book, and ask them to keep you informed of their progress.  Writing a book is a surprisingly lengthy process.  At Savant we take up to a year after selecting a truly great manuscript to edit and proof it in order to bring it to the highest level of reading quality we know. 

Daniel S. Janik
Owner, Editor-in-Chief, Acquisitions
Savant Books and Publications