It seemed inevitable to me that Savant Books and Publications would eventually expand into the CD (music and audiobook) and DVD areas. Now it's happening. With the release of R. Page Kaufman's contemporary trombone jazz CD entitled TROPIC OF CALIFORNIA (CD), a musical companion to his multi-award winning book TROPIC OF CALIFORNIA - THE STRAINS OF STRAUSS (Savant 2008), Savant Books and Publications enters a new era.

Congratulations, R. Page Kaufman and thank you for pioneering in the new, expanded Savant Books and Publications. For those interested in audiobooks, watch our website for our first audiobook. For those interested in DVD's watch for our first release featuring Dr. Brent Cameron with Raven Meyers presenting "ASSESSING TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNING, the 2011 Distinguished Speaker in the Neurobiological Learning Society's yearly Distinguished Speaker series.

What's next, you ask?  We're already working on our first eBook with audiovideo content.

If you're a musical artist or audiovideo production company and would like a world-wide publisher, contact 

Daniel S. Janik
Savant Books and Publications