Aloha from sunny Honolulu, the heart of the literary explosion called "Savant Books and Publications."  During 2010, Savant released 18 books, and we have 12 more in various stages of pre-release for early 2011. That's a lot for a small publisher, but it's also garnered us the attention to progress our marketing and publicity efforts to the next level.

Savant is now partnered with GoogleBooks and Google eBooks.  What does this mean? Well, first off, they contacted us, and I believe that's due to the number of releases we've done, as well as the outstanding effort of authors and staff to insure that our products stand out from the masses. Good work! Thank you, authors, editors, cover artists and readers!

All future (and slowly all our previously published works) will be forwarded to GoogleBooks. They will scan the work, create a maximum 20% reading sample of each work, create an extended key word tag list, and link all internet hits directly to your Savant book page where readers can read about and purchase your work from our bookstore, and/or electronic bookstores like Kindle. This should significantly increase book and author exposure.

At the same time, all future (and slowly all our previously published works) will be translated by Google eBooks into ebooks that can be purchased and read on Apple, Sony, Nook, cellular and, yes, Kindle systems. This should significantly increase eBook sales and both book and author exposure.

More on this later, as things progress. In the meantime, "never surrender, never give up" regarding author, editor and cover artist efforts to directly market, publicize and sell the books!  This year saw six Savant book release parties at Cafe 2600 and numerous author book release parties across the USA. This is the "bread and butter" of authorship, publishing and, of course, royalty generation.  Go for it all even more in 2011! 

Wishing all Savant colleagues and readers a Happy Holiday Season, and best wishes for a Happy New Year! Need a gift for a holiday or birthday? Buy a good book from Savant Books and Publications.

Daniel S. Janik
Owner and Editor-in-Chief
Savant Books and Publications