I was my pleasure to meet with A. G. Hayes, author of WHO'S KILLING ALL THE LAWYERS (Savant 2011), and family just before Christmas. Hayes visited Oahu's famous Northshore during the Triple Crown of Surfing Event, the last leg of a near around-the-world cruise where he lectured, signed and dedicated books for fellow cruisers. A. G., his Hawaii family and I lunched one day at Jamison's famous open-air bar and grill in Haleiwa, and another day at The Chart House, talking with

locals and visitors, signing and dedicating copies. In between, we stopped off at the Waialua Library to chat with a local writer's group, and later at the Waialua Coffee Store.

All in all a memorable and highly successful visit. Kudo's A. G.!

A. G. Hayes
Author of WHO'S KILLING ALL THE LAWYERS (Savant 2011)