I'm often asked if author, book release, book signing and book award parties really work. Well, here's proof: Savant author S. Stanley Gordon (MY TWO WIVES AND THREE HUSBANDS, 2011) and partner, Joe Gordon, during a recent visit to Honolulu, held book signing/award parties at the Savant Bookstore Honolulu in Kaimuki and next day at Hula's Bar and Lei Stand in Waikiki. The result: over 30 contacts (five celebrities!), six books sold, and an invitation to place the book in "80% Straight" in Waikiki for the next month. It may not sound like much, but if one hosted such a party once a month for a year that would translate to nearly a hundred book sales and 400 contacts, each contact generating additional publicity.

Joe and Stanley Gordon with Jeffrey "Mr. Gay Pride Hawaii" Helsen at Hula's Bar and Lei Stand Book Signing

Okay, I had to say all that, because I'm Stanley's publisher. The real fun was in the contacts and their nature. One was with a representative of National Public Radio. Another was a local paparazzi. Another was Mr. Gay Pride Hawaii. Yet another was one of the first gay couples married by private ceremony in Hawaii! Add to that the many interested and interesting individuals ranging from writers to photographers to regional politicians. All in all, between the conversations and Mai-Tai's, it was a great success, one I'd be pleased to attend over again and again.

There are many ways to generate author and title name recognition, but I can't think of any as powerful as a face-to-face meeting in an author/book release/signing/award setting. And I even had the additional pleasure of awarding Stanley a certificate of recognition for his book having received BOTH New York and San Francisco Book Festival Awards.

Thinking of visiting paradise? Call me at least a month in advance so we can arrange appearances and events. What better way to learn how-to-do-it than "on-the-job"? 

Daniel S. Janik
Savant Books and Publications