Honolulu, HI (1 June 2019) - IBPA Independent 37 (3): 9-13. May/June 2019 - Daniel S. Janik, publisher of Savant Books and publications, an article in the above journal entitled, "Grow Your Company Through Acquisitions," stated that while acquisition of Aignos Publishing has increased offerings and overall books sales. In the article he states, "The cost of acquisition...[proved] small compared to the cost of integration." 

Aignos Publishing became fully integrated into Savant Books and Publications in January 2019, where it is maintained as an imprint dedicated to "avant garde, experimental and innovative works that 'push the leading edge' of all genres of fiction and non-fiction." Special Aignos interest ares include "screenplay novels" (of which there are now three), multi-lingual, manga and other non-traditional works. 

Savant/Aignos is currently negotiating a working agreement with K. Simmons Productions, a  Hawaii-based multi-media group, to extend print, eBook and audiobook publication to include comic books ("manga"); animation for internet, television and movies; and full cinematic productions. 

For more information about Savant Books and Publications and it's imprint, Aignos Publishing, visit https://savantbooksandpublications.com/about.php. Savant/Aignos is a long-time member and supporter of IBPA. Press Release at https://www.prlog.org/12766756-new-multi-media-company-about-to-be-born.html