It's my distinct pleasure to welcome the following professional writers to Savant Books and Publications:  R. Page Kaufman, Larry Rodness, Woody Gates, Tony Tame, Robin Yves, Bill Peeves, Brian Morley, Orest Stocco, Guerrino Amati, Gloria Schumann, William Maltese, Helen Doan and Sue Dolleris.  Savant Books and Publications has over seventeen of the finest literary works in various stages of editing and proofing representing a whopping 300% increase over last year.  Where are all these wonderful authors and works coming from?  Well, in an age where good writing, literacy rates, book sales and book readership are supposed to be plummeting, we're finding just the opposite.  I believe what is being seen is more a reflection of the growing disarray within the business community at large.  Blame it on the economy, but it seems to me that its people who make the economy and practice business.  Maybe it's time to to get back to treating people like people, good service, excellence in the printed word, real teamwork and private entreneurship.  And that's what Savant Books and Publications is about.  Savant Books and Publications has, quite simply, the best authors, editors and staff around. How can I justify making such a bold statement?  Because I just published "A Whale's Tale" with this house, and I can say from an author's perspective that it was, hands-down, the best publishing experience of my writing career.