David Shinsato is glad to be continuing with Savant, this time as an Editor (in addition to proofreader). He's a still the laid back guy who likes to read, serve at church, and hang out with his friends. He's recently engaged, and he and partner are planning to marry in December of this year. He's also taking the necessary steps to becoming a freelance direct response copywriter. Until then, he'll also be working as a busser, then hopefully a waiter, at Gyotaku Japanese restaurant in Pearl City, Hawaii.

David began with Savant in October 2013 as a proofreader. According to him, seeing books to completion bought him valuable experience that he plans to carry into his work as an Editor. In essence, his experience as a proofreader taught him just how much of a passion he has for a career in the publishing industry. His stated desire is to see Savant put out the highest quality publications and to make that happen. While he's particularly interested in fantasy, he's happy to take on all projects being quite varied as far as his interests interests go.

David Shinsato