There's plenty of "bad" happening just now in regard to COVID-19 and it's myriad effects on everyone's lives. Yet, for every catastrophe, there's always a silver lining if one can but see it. In our case, we're busy fast-tracking publications to help provide something for quarantined and elective "stay-at-homers," namely the finest in enduring literary works to help entertain the heart and exercise the mind. No mere spoon-fed, mind-numbing movies or videos (I'll admit to an occasional one myself for a mind-numbing distraction); instead, an enlightening read that one can constantly adjust to fit mood or need. 

We're offering all our printed books, CDs and DVDs at 25% off Suggested Retail Price PLUS free shipping anywhere in the USA including Alaska and Hawaii from now through the end of May 2020. Just use "COVID-19" coupon code at the time of checkout. Where? Just go to and click on the "Printer's Store" image. You will be taken to our online Square Up Market. Use the "Search" feature at the top of the market page to locate a specific title, or just browse our 120+ works for one the piques your interest. 

From all of us at Savant/Aignos - Be well/We happy. Make the most of imposed "quiet" time. Read a good book!

[Image courtesy of Robert McCullough from Pixabay]