Aloha and Welcome to the NEW Savant Books and Publications.  After a year and a half of absolutely stellar growth I am pleased to announce that Savant had successfully established a place in the publishing pantheon. Publishing "significant books and enduring media for the 21st century," Savant is well-placed within the industry with one foot in traditional book publication and the other in the rapidly emerging world of enduring mixed-media.  In taking this step, Savant continues it's "small publisher" tradition of publishing exceptional authors, both established and new.  I believe it is from this kind of balanced cauldron of new thoughts and ideas that publishing inspires and ultimately drives humanity to strive for the very best we are capable of. 

If you are a reader, I hope you will find Savant Books and Publications a stimulating place to find the newest and very best in books and enduring media. If you are an author or prospective author, I hope you will find Savant Books and Publications a comfortable home for nurturing your best stories and ideas.  Either way, I invite readers and authors alike to take a moment and explore the wonderful world of publishing and all that it has to offer at Savant Books and Publications.