Here it is barely after New Year's festivities, and Savant Books and Publications has an outstanding schedule of publications projected for release during 2010. With the addition of several new editors and authors, we are looking towards a record third publishing year. I'm often asked what it is that makes Savant Books and Publications so successful, and I like to believe it's keeping the focus on two things:  (1) the author - at Savant, authors always come first; and (2) quality - like a fine wine, every published work has its time.  If I had to summarize that, I'd say Savant is about respect. Respect for the author, his or her words, the editor's skills and craft, our cover artists' creativity and our business acumen. That, I believe, is a dynamite combination in a world caught up in illusion and riddled with "fast Eddies" out to make a million. There's simply nothing better feeling than plain old honesty and respect.

Savant works are selected with that in mind. A good story is timeless. In a world where dollars are becoming the new deity, and business the new religion, it's easy to forget that in the end we humans have only our bodies and our life stories left after all is said and done. It's my intense pleasure to be contributing to the collective human experience by way of publishing, and, yes, authoring, too.  I often hear that the best has already been published, but I don't believe that for a moment. To prove my assertion, I challenge anyone harboring such a thought to go out and purchase a Savant book, any Savant book. No, the greatest writers of all time are gestating and maturing right before our eyes. That's Savant:  "Significant Books and Enduring Media for the 21st Century." 

I'd like to take a moment to thank the outstanding authors, editors and staff I've had the good fortune to work with these past couple years. You've made my authoring and publishing life richer, more robust, exciting, enjoyable and productive. Here's to a great 2010!

Daniel S. Janik
Owner and Editor-in-Chief
Savant Books and Publications