It's not often a publisher hears that a fiction book plot is so well-conceived that it ends up in "real life" contemporary international news, but that's exactly what has happened surrounding author Bentley Gates' action-adventure novel, THE BAHRAIN CONSPIRACY.

Al-Qaida Terrorist Plan Foretold in Author Bentley Gates' novel "The Bahrain Conspiracy"

Author Bentley Gates appears to have predicted a fiendish plot revealed in notes of Osama Bin Laden captured by SEAL Team Six.

According to Reuters and other recent news sources, Terrorist Osama Bin Laden considered hijacking oil tankers and exploding them in harbors. "This is the heart of the plot in my fictional novel about SEAL Team Six," says Bentley Gates, author of "The Bahrain Conspiracy."

Released in 2010, many readers have said that the 582-page novel read so realistically, it seemed it had been taken from the day's headlines. While a work of fiction, it sees even more contemporary given the release of some of the materials found by SEALs in the compound where Bin Laden met his death. In the novel, Lieutenant Commander John Allen leads US Navy SEALs Team Six and a CIA agent against an alliance of Somali Pirates and Islamic Jihadists bent on using hijacked ships as weapons of mass destruction in a simultaneous attack on both US coasts.

Now, both the means and the methods described so artfully in Gates' adrenaline-laced novel have been confirmed as being not merely possible, but to have been considered viable.

Seized data were reported to indicate that al-Qaida terrorists had calculated formulas as described the novel to evaluate how best to explode raw crude from inside the tankers.

Since its release, "The Bahrain Conspiracy" has enjoyed repeat status as a United States Kindle dramatic fiction genre bestseller, while continuing to garner interest from a broad spectrum of action-adventure, military, suspense, conspiracy, and dramatic fiction readers.

Revealed as a basic plot actually considered by al-Qaida and thwarted the by the early actions of the real-life SEAL Team Six, "The Bahrain Conspiracy" according to the author is an even more outstanding contemporary read today than when first written and released.

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