Jonathan Durham was raised in Allentown, a small, rust-belt city in eastern Pennsylvania where he was encouraged to read voraciously as a child and quickly developed an affinity for both the commercial successes of the day and the imaginative adventures of past generations, losing countless hours to the terrifying infrastructural collapses of Michael Crichton, the eerie unpredictability of Stephen King, and the fantastical narratives of Madeleine L’ Engle and C.S. Lewis.  After moving to Philadelphia as a teenager, he attended William and Mary where he received a degree in neuroscience, spending any academic free time he was allowed studying classic literature, music, and film among other interests.

After working in the field for several years, Jonathan returned to his love of stories and relocated to Los Angeles on the heels of a national award for one of his early scripts where he crafted his understanding of structure and atmosphere under the guidance of industry veterans like William S. Gilmore and David Madden.  But childhood fascinations proved hard to shake, and it wasn’t long before he turned his energies toward prose, borrowing from the larger-than-life novels of his youth and the literary masterworks of his school years to craft his debut novel, Winterset Hollow, in which he explores the power of attachment to stories and the role they can play in breaking the chains of trauma while packaging such considerations in the relatable wrappers of harrowing adventure and beguiling fantasy.