Many people go through life thinking that they are stuck—it might be a lower socioeconomic status, it might be a grueling job, it might be an unhealthy relationship—but even when all hope seems lost, some people can find the spark of hope. It is the singular star in a night sky that can guide the way. Despite the feeling that some things are set in stone, Written in the Stars is an anthology that says no, that's wrong. Nothing is set in stone, and everything can get better. It may take time, it may be hard, but it can be done.

Written in the Stars is a collection of stories from participants in the Na Hokulele Project—a grant-funded project with the goal of building skills in children, youth and adults—and students in Heald College-Honolulu's Success course. These stories are personal narratives of their experiences coming to Hawai'i from the Federated States of Micronesia, growing up and living in Hawai'i from childhood, and moving to Hawai'i from the continental United States.

There are also poems, many from the youth participants in the grant project, reflecting on what they have learned, and what they want to do in the future.

Some contributors also shared legends and myths from Hawai'i and Chuuk, mirroring traditions and lessons that still influence actions and choices in the modern day.

The storytellers in this anthology are "striving to take the lessons of the past, together with new skills, to create a destiny full of promise and hope. Perhaps, if destiny is written in the stars, then these stars can rewrite destiny."

Written in the Stars - an anthology, is now available from Savant Books and Publications.