How does one write about the biggest event in human history...and make it real? How to show the impact of author Anne Frank and her diary on the world? Or, why did so many people follow Hitler?

Working with a cast and crew to bring the answers to these poignant questions and I'LL REMEMBER (Aignos 2019) -- my screenplay-novel -- to life was a daunting task but worth it.

This is the story of a young boy, at the beginning of his awkward teenage years, starting to question and to learn about the world beyond his family and community, and how each person has an impact on the lives of others and the future. Jimmy learns truth is not simple, good people can do things they could never imagine themselves doing, and the smallest person can have a gigantic impact on the world.

Clif Mc Crady
Author of I'LL REMEMBER - a screenplay novel (Aignos 2019)