Writing as Christopher Dane in his 1981 book, "Riders of the Dragon," having predicted the 1997 Heaven's Gate suicides that accompanied the arrival of the comet Hale-Bopp ...

Did WILLIAM MALTESE predict the arrival of the 2020 CORONA virus in his FLICKER series [WILLIAM MALTESE'S FLICKER: #1 BOOK OF ANSWERS (2010), and its sequel, WILLIAM MALTESE'S FLICKER: #2 BOOK OF ASCENDANCY (2020)], wherein all the elderly are losing "power," young people gaining power without a clue how properly to control it?

While, admittedly, Maltese has written more than a few naughty-naughty books, in his history of over 200-published volumes, his FLICKER series is NOT naughty-naughty in its ongoing tale of battling candle-readers, witches, warlocks, demons, dragons, a vampire, a shape-shifter, even a chimera, in an attempt to claim Grand Master Magician status. All taking place in a town and air-force base sealed off from the rest of the world in the scrublands of central Washington State. There's nothing to provide any lesson in sexual education, and nothing so lascivious as to curl your grandma's toes. It's just a rollicking one-takes-all tale suitable for ALL magic-loving ages.