The protagonists in my book, WHO'S KILLING ALL THE LAWYERS? are based on a couple of Special Operations Executive (SOE) agents I met during the cold war in Vienna, Austria, a few months after the end of World War II. My unit had moved from Italy into Austria to augment other units searching for fugitive Nazi’s mingling as Austrians citizens.

Several of us were trained by army intelligence to not only seek runaways, but to fraternize with the general population and gather information for counter intelligence. Not speaking the language was no problem, and my cover was easy. A British soldier, in Vienna, alongside allied Americans, Russians, and French. My unnamed couple taught us a few essentials along with the basics of this most dangerous game of all.

Years later, I reincarnated the two in my head, with all their, yes, real baggage from the past, and they have stayed there ever since. I renamed them Susan Koski and Joseph Falk, and now they work for Cerberus, a black-ops group so secret it is known only to me and my readers.

Please join me in this unique world of memories, excitement and imaginations in WHO’S KILLING ALL THE LAWYERS? as Koski and Falk meet for the first time in a political intrigue involving Nevada State officials, Mafia dons, and Native Americans, all seeking the elusive American dream by building gambling casinos on sovereign land.

The story begins with the mysterious death of a lawyer representing Nevada gambling cartels against the growth of Indian casinos in Nevada and California, and rapidly becomes a political football when lawyer after lawyer are killed by arrows. Agent Joseph Falk, undercover is as an agent for the FBI, is assigned to investigate...and nothing he does seems to work. Convinced he has been purposely assigned a team of useless dillatants, one in particular, Susan Koski, a blonde in her late twenties and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) forensic videographer, proved particularly irritating. It was her sea green eyes, he quickly decided, the sort in which ships were wrecked. Laterally transferred from the Las Vegas Police Department to BLM under less than transparent conditions, their meetings proved the beginning of a team akin to Holmes and Watson, with it's own unique Bonnie and Clyde ambiance.

With political end-runs galore, the true villain remains unknown until faced in the end by Koski and Falk. The final chase across a mountain lake, with Koski and Falk astride a jet ski while dueling with a low flying helicopter ends what I believe you will find a thrilling read from beginning to end.

A.G. Hayes