AMMON'S HORN (Savant 2011) asks implicitly:  When male verses female ego, in a case of love verses lust, which is the greater jackass?

When the threat  is a sexy little bitch ready to bring the financial world down about the world's ears, and her mentor is the god Apollo (Phoebee) in human guise; when the wager with his sister Didi (Aphrodite) says Phoebee will bed the bitch or, failing, spend a year as lackey in a Hollywood cathouse; when an army of acolytes on either side includes a scientific genius, two loony psychic surgeons, an impossibly neurotic, beautiful woman and a cute-brute motorbike champ - well, anything can and does happen.

Who knows? Our world may even get sucked into the dimensional literary void and come up with something!

G. Amati
Author of AMMON'S HORN (Savant 2011)